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blue streak

I first got involved in video production while in high school. My school had a Radio/TV department
and me and my buddies would produce various videos, mostly hunting and fishing related, for our class projects.

After graduating high school I worked various jobs in the video production field before starting my own company,
Stout Video Productions Inc. in 1995. We produce all kinds of videos for our clients; TV commercials, Product videos,
How To & Instructional videos, and Outdoor Products videos etc.

In 2004 some lifelong friends and I created a weekly TV show called Action Outdoors that has aired in Arkansas
on the ABC affiliate KAIT Ch8 and on KTWN My Town TV. On Action Outdoors we captured all our
huntin' & fishin' adventures and put it together in a 30 minute weekly show.

My company’s latest venture in outdoor videos has been to produce a DVD called “Catfishing Dream Team”.
I am an avid catfisherman myself and through going to tournaments and related catfishing events have been
fortunate to meet some of the best catfishermen out there.

The guys that make up the Dream Team are not only some of the best catfishermen in the nation,
but they are great guys as well. These guys love the sport of fishing and they have been kind enough
to share some of their catfishing knowledge with all of us.

We are very excited to get this DVD on the market and believe that it will become a classic
in every catfisherman’s video library.
Brad Stout

blue streak
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free
to contact us at 870-251-2558 or brad@actionoutdoorsproducts.com
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